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Transcript Processing

Newly admitted students

Transcripts and exam scores for newly admitted students are evaluated, processed and posted during the Initial Transfer Credit Review period. For students admitted in the fall, this period runs from June to mid-November; for students admitted for spring, it runs from November to mid-February.

During the Initial Transfer Credit Review period:

College coursework is evaluated for transferability.  

  • Transcripts are placed in separate queues based on admit and organization type and processed in the order received. Once a transcript has been evaluated, the coursework is posted to the Transfer Credit Report (TCR). If you attended multiple colleges, your TCR will update as the transcript from each institution is processed.
  • If you completed coursework at the California community colleges: Coursework from the California community colleges is processed according to UC transferability and articulation agreements posted to ASSIST.
  • If you completed coursework at other institutions: Coursework from all other institutions will be evaluated for UC transferability and unit credits only. If you intend to use transfer coursework to satisfy a degree requirement, use this chart to contact the appropriate unit to confirm whether the course(s) is acceptable. 
  • Remember that a maximum of 70 lower division units may be counted toward the 120 units needed for graduation; however, there is no limit to the number of courses you can transfer.

Exam scores are processed and credits awarded.

  • ACT, SAT, AP, IB, and GCE A-Level scores are processed throughout the review period and posted to your Exam Results Report. Once a score appears in the Exam Results Report, if it has been approved to satisfy a degree requirement, the requirement will show as satisfied in the Academic Progress Report (APR).
  • Unit credits are awarded for appropriate scores earned on most AP, IB, and GCE-A-level exams and posted to the Transfer Credit Report. This posting process occurs in September for fall admits and in January for spring admits.

Transcripts are reviewed for the American History & Institutions requirements.

  • High school and non-California community college transcripts are evaluated for fulfillment of the American History & Institutions requirements. This evaluation occurs at the end of the review period for those students that haven’t already met these requirements with an exam score or a course from a California community college.
  • These requirements in your Academic Progress Report (APR) will be marked as satisfied by the end of the Initial Transfer Credit Review period if you completed appropriate coursework.

Due to the volume of transcripts reviewed during the Initial Transfer Credit Review period, we do not accept requests for expedited credit processing. If by the end of the review period, you see errors or missing transfer credit, let us know by opening a CSC case.

Continuing Students

Transcripts are posted on an ongoing base. In general, students should expect posting of credit within 2-4 weeks once the transcript has arrived to Berkeley, and is scanned in our student system.

If you are a continuing student with a current Expected Graduation Term (EGT), or with an EGT for the immediate term following, you can expect transfer credit to be posted within 1-2 business days of receipt and scanning.

Non-graduating, continuing students may request an expedited posting for time sensitive concerns (i.e. scholarship requirement, academic hold), by opening a CSC case. Such requests are processed within 1-2 business days for scanning.

Graduating Seniors

If you are on the degree list and completing degree requirements at another institution in your final (EGT) term, you are subject to the following deadlines:

The term of enrollment at another institution must end by: 

  • December 31 for fall term
  • May 31 for spring term
  • August 31 for summer sessions

The deadline to submit final transcript(s): 

  • The 6th week after the end of finals for fall and spring terms
  • The 6th week after the end of finals for summer sessions

Submitting a Transcript

After you complete a transfer course and the final grade is posted, submit an official transcript using one of the following options:

  • Electronic – The CEU recommends that transcripts be sent electronically. If the institution/transcript vendor provides a pre-populated institution list, selecting “UC Berkeley Undergrad” or “UC Berkeley Undergrad Admissions” will send the transcript to the correct location. Otherwise, if the institution/transcript vendor requests an email to send the transcript, use Berkeley does not accept transcripts sent via email attachment.
  • Mail – If a paper transcript is the only option, it can be sent to:

UC Berkeley Undergraduate Transcripts
16 Sproul Hall, MC 0608
Berkeley, CA 94720-0608

  • In-person – Transcripts can be hand-delivered to Cal Student Central at 120 Sproul Hall. To be accepted, the transcript must be in a sealed envelope from the institution. Only original, single-copy international transcripts, with an official seal, can be accepted without an envelope.

Once the official transcript is received, it is scanned and placed in a queue for processing. You can expect transfer coursework to be posted to the Transfer Credit Report within 1-2 business days of receipt for graduating students, and 2-4 weeks for all other continuing students. Transcripts will only be processed for active students with an Expected Graduation Term (EGT).