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How to read Transfer Credit Report

Transfer Credit Report

The Transfer Credit Report (TCR) displays information on all of the credit-bearing exam scores as well as transcripts you submitted as part of your admission to campus and/or any transcripts submitted after you started at Berkeley. The report includes the total transfer unit credits eligible to count toward the 120 overall minimum units you need for graduation, as well as detailed information on your transfer courses.

How to access your Transfer Credit Report

Once we have posted transfer unit credit for one of your exam scores or a transfer course, the report is available in Cal Central. To open your report, click on the ‘Transfer Credit Report’ link located on the ‘Transfer Credit’ card on the bottom right of your CalCentral, My Academics dashboard.

The link will take you to a landing page indicating a report is available under your name; click on your name to open the report.

Transfer credit

How to read your Transfer Credit Report

The TCR is divided into four primary sections: ‘Summary,’ ‘Course Credit Detail,’ ‘Exam Credit Detail,’ and ‘Other Credit Detail’ (primarily used to document military credit awarded by the UC).

Frequently Asked Questions about the Course Credit Detail